Apr 17, 2002 - 09:15 ET Antrim Energy Inc. Announces the Lifting of Force Majeure in Tanzania and a Successful Rig Tender to Drill in Tunisia

pleased to report it has reached an agreement with the Tanzanian 
Petroleum Development Corporation ("TPDC") to lift "force majeure"
on the Pemba-Zanzibar Production Sharing Contract ("PSA").  Antrim
holds 100% working interest in the concession and is the operator.
 The PSA was initially granted for a term of four years in 1997 
but a mutually agreed "force majeure" was declared in 1998 when 
Antrim was denied access to the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba.  
Antrim intends to start exploration activities during 2002. 

The Pemba-Zanzibar licence consists of 3,500,000 net acres and the
original PSA was awarded to Antrim on the basis that it would 
acquire seismic and drill a well during a four year exploration 
period at a committed cost of US$7.5 million. 

Antrim also reports that in Tunisia, a rig is being contracted to 
drill Chott Fejaj #3 (Antrim 34.28% working interest).  Antrim, 
through the operator of the Fejaj Joint Venture (Bligh Tunisia 
Inc.) has joined a consortium of companies that will import a rig 
into Tunisia.  The rig is expected in Tunisia during May to 
commence operations on the first well in the drilling group's 
schedule.  Antrim now expects the deepening operations on the 
Chott Fejaj #3 well to commence in the second half 2002. 

The Chott Fejaj #3 well was initially cased and suspended at a 
depth of 3,532m in December 1998 after encountering the sealing 
salt section above the primary Triassic and older Paleozoic 
sandstone objectives.  The well will be deepened initially to 
4,250m to test a large structural prospect in the Melrhir basin, 
the Tunisian portion of the prolific Triassic "Ghadames" petroleum
province of Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. 

CEO Stephen Greer comments: "Results from these operations will 
have a significant impact on Antrim, exposing our shareholders to 
two high calibre exploration targets at high working interests.  
In Tanzania our initial focus will be on the Pemba structure, 
which has a live oil seep on its crest and was drilled, with oil 
shows, in a flank or down-structure location by BP in the early 
sixties.  In North Africa we are happy to report the long-delayed 
drilling operation in Tunisia will commence now that a drilling 
rig has been sourced outside the country.  High activity levels in
Tunisia had previously prevented Antrim and partners from securing
a rig to test the deeper horizons at this location." 

Antrim is committed to a strategy of growth through high impact 
global exploration.  Antrim is debt free. 

Certain statements contained in this press release may be 
considered as "forward looking".  Such "forward looking" 
statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause
actual results to differ materially from estimated or implied 

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